Tim Mannah Presents - Vikings Sports

Parramatta Leagues Club has a rich history.  In this series Tim Mannah sits down with our Foundation and Life Members and they share some stories from our Club’s history.
Part 7: Tim Mannah presents Stories from the Heart. In Part 7, he speaks to Peter Rogers who shares a story from his past.

What makes a Member a Foundation Member or a Life Member?
Foundation Members
In 1955, a committee was formed to establish a licensed premises now known as the Parramatta Leagues Club. For the application to be submitted and approved the committee needed 200 people to join as members. Those 200 people then became our Foundation Members. Their Parramatta Leagues Club Membership commenced in 1957. Construction of the Club commenced in February 1959 and the Clubs doors opened in August 1959.
We wish to thank all our foundation members for their continued support of the club over the many years and value their contribution made from the beginning, without the help of all our foundation members, Parramatta Leagues Club would not be what it is today.
Life Members
An Ordinary Member is eligible for election to Life Membership if that person:
(a) has rendered exceptional or unusual or distinguished service to the Company;
(b) is nominated for election to Life Membership in writing by one and seconded by another Life Member or Ordinary Member; and
(c) is recommended by the Board for election to Life Membership.
A person who satisfies the eligibility requirements in paragraphs (a) to (c) above will become a Life Member if a resolution to that effect is carried by a special resolution of Voting Members. A Life Member has all the entitlements, rights and privileges of an Ordinary Member. In addition, a Life Member will be exempt from payment of the Annual Subscription Fee and other fees or amounts payable by an Ordinary Member.