MEDIA RELEASE: Parramatta Leagues Club AGM results

22 Jul, 2021

The Parramatta Leagues Club (PLC) completed its 63rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Bankwest Stadium on Sunday 21 March.

The AGM included the certification of results for the first Board elections under the new governance reforms adopted in 2020 and the awarding of PLC Life Membership to Mr Chris Jurd (Member No.85959)

PLC President Greg Monaghan and current PLC Director Sue Coleman were elected to the PLC Board for a further three years.

Mr Monaghan thanked eligible PLC voting Members for their participation in the new postal / electronic voting process which led to 1441 votes being cast. He also thanked all the candidates for their involvement in the election process and for their commitment to the growth of the PLC.

“I am honored to be elected to the Board of our great Club. It’s been a pleasure to work with my fellow Directors over the past 12 months in developing a new strategic plan for the PLC and I am pleased that we now have the chance to deliver on those objectives.

“Our role as Directors is to serve our Members and I look forward to doing so over the coming term.

“I would particularly love to congratulate our new Life Member Chris Jurd for his outstanding contribution to both PLC and the Parramatta Eels Club.”

Ms Coleman also thanked the Members for their support and emphasized her commitment to seeing Club grow its clear focus on servicing its Members and community.

“We have a strong and united Board with a diverse range of skills that has achieved a number of key outcomes over a challenging year.

“I am pleased that the Members have shown faith in our Board through our election, and I am determined to ensure we emerge from an extremely challenging year as a strong, sustainable, and dynamic Club, for the benefit of our Members today and into the future.”


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